MiniWoB++ Benchmark

The MiniWoB++ benchmark is an extension of the OpenAI MiniWoB benchmark. It adds a number of tasks, Javascript interfaces, as well as Python code for interacting with the environment via Selenium. The benchmark was introduced in our paper: Reinforcement Learning on Web Interfaces using Workflow-Guided Exploration.

For usage, refer to the GitHub repository.


Tasks used in the paper

Original tasks. We use a subset of the original MiniWoB tasks that only involve (1) clicking and (2) typing text from the prompt.

Clicking and typing on off-screen elements are allowed since they are performed by Javascript calls.

choose-list Choose an item from a drop down list.
click-button Click on a specific button in a generated form.
click-button-sequence Click on buttons in a certain order.
click-checkboxes Click desired checkboxes.
click-color Click the specified color.
click-dialog Click the button to close the dialog box.
click-dialog-2 Click a specific button in a dialog box.
click-link Click on a specified link in text.
click-option Click option boxes.
click-shades Click the shades that match a specified color.
click-shape Click on a specific shape.
click-tab Click on a tab element.
click-tab-2 Click a link inside a specific tab element.
click-test Click on a single button.
click-test-2 Click on one of two buttons.
click-widget Click on a specific widget in a generated form.
count-shape Count number of shapes.
email-inbox Navigate through an email inbox and perform some actions.
enter-date Use the date input to pick the correct date.
enter-password Enter the password into the form.
enter-text Enter given text to a textfield.
enter-text-dynamic Enter dynamically generated text to a textfield.
enter-time Enter the specified time into the input.
focus-text Focus into a text input.
focus-text-2 Focus on a specific text input.
grid-coordinate Find the Cartesian coordinates on a grid.
guess-number Guess the number.
identify-shape Identify a randomly generated shape.
login-user Enter user login details into the form.
navigate-tree Navigate a file tree to find a specified file or folder.
search-engine Search through a bunch of results to find a specified link.
social-media Interact with a social media feed.
tic-tac-toe Win a game of tic-tac-toe.
use-spinner Use a spinner to select given number.

The UI elements in some tasks have animation delays or change the state when the browser is defocused. We provide the "nodelay" version without these issues.

book-flight Search for flight results.
choose-date Learn to operate a date picker tool.
click-collapsible Click a collapsible element to expand it.
click-collapsible-2 Find and click on a specified link, from collapsible elements.
click-pie Click items on a pie menu.
use-autocomplete Use autocomplete element efficiently.
book-flight-nodelay [book-flight]
choose-date-nodelay [choose-date]
click-collapsible-2-nodelay [click-collapsible-2]
click-collapsible-nodelay [click-collapsible]
click-pie-nodelay [click-pie]
use-autocomplete-nodelay [use-autocomplete]

Additional tasks. Some are harder versions of the existing tasks, while some are completely new.

click-checkboxes-large [click-checkboxes] Click at least 5 out of up to 12 checkboxes
click-checkboxes-soft [click-checkboxes] Paraphrased entries
click-checkboxes-transfer [click-checkboxes] Train and test on different number of targets
click-tab-2-hard [click-tab-2] Varying number of tabs from 2 to 6
login-user-popup [login-user] Random popup
multi-layouts Fill in forms of varying layouts.
multi-orderings Fill in forms with shuffled field orderings.
social-media-all [social-media] Do some action on all matching entries
social-media-some [social-media] Do some action on some matching entries
email-inbox-forward-nl [email-inbox-forward] NL instruction (30 templates)
email-inbox-forward-nl-turk [email-inbox-forward] NL instruction (100 templates)
email-inbox-nl-turk [email-inbox] NL instruction (100 templates for each subtask)

Flight search tasks. These are server-free ports of the FormWoB tasks in the original World of Bits paper.

flight.Alaska port of Alaska FormWoB
flight.Alaska-auto port of Alaska FormWoB but harder
flight.AA port of American Airlines FormWoB (unused)

Debug tasks. These are easier versions of existing tasks. They are used for debugging.

choose-date-easy [choose-date] December only
choose-date-medium [choose-date] December or November only
click-tab-2-easy [click-tab-2] One 1 tab
click-tab-2-medium [click-tab-2] Choose between a link or "no match"
click-test-transfer [click-test] Different buttons during train and test
email-inbox-delete [email-inbox] No scrolling + 1 subtask
email-inbox-forward [email-inbox] No scrolling + 1 subtask
email-inbox-important [email-inbox] No scrolling + 1 subtask
email-inbox-noscroll [email-inbox] No scrolling
email-inbox-reply [email-inbox] No scrolling + 1 subtask
email-inbox-star-reply [email-inbox] No scrolling + 2 subtasks

Tasks not used in the paper

Clicking non-elements. These tasks involve clicking at a specific point inside a canvas-like element.

bisect-angle Find the line that bisects an angle evenly in two.
circle-center Find the center of a circle.
count-sides Count the number of sides on a shape.
find-midpoint Find the shortest mid-point of two points.
number-checkboxes Draw a given number using checkboxes.
right-angle Given two points, add a third point to create a right angle.
use-colorwheel Use a color wheel.
use-colorwheel-2 Use a color wheel given specific random color.

Hovering. These tasks require hovering and moving the mouse cursor.

click-menu Click menu items.
click-menu-2 Find a specific item from a menu.

Dragging. These tasks involve dragging.

click-scroll-list Click multiple items from a scroll list. (also require Shift + click)
drag-box Drag the smaller box into the larger box.
drag-circle Drag an item in a specified direction.
drag-cube Drag a 3D cube to show a specific face.
drag-items Drag items in a list, in a specified direction
drag-items-grid Drag items in a 2D grid around.
drag-shapes Drag shapes into a box.
drag-sort-numbers Drag numbers into sorted ascending order.
highlight-text Highlight all the text.
highlight-text-2 Highlight the specified paragraph.
resize-textarea Resize a textarea in a given direction.
scroll-text Scroll through a text area element and enter last word into text area.
scroll-text-2 Scroll through a text area in a given direction.
text-editor Modify a text"s style in a text-editor.
use-slider Use a slider to select a particular value.
use-slider-2 Use sliders to create a given combination.

Typing free text. These tasks involve typing texts that are not substrings of the prompt. Some of these also require advanced reasoning (e.g., solving math problems).

copy-paste Copy text and paste it into an input.
copy-paste-2 Copy text from a specific textarea and paste it into an input.
enter-text-2 Convert given text to upper or lower case.
find-word Find nth word in a block of text.
read-table Read information out from a table.
read-table-2 Read multiple pieces of information out from a table.
simple-algebra Solve for X.
simple-arithmetic Perform some arithmetic math operations.
terminal Use the terminal to delete a file.
text-transform Enter slightly transformed text into a text box.
visual-addition Count the total number of blocks.

Timing. These tasks require the agent to wait for events to happen before acting, and a "nodelay" version is impossible to make.

chase-circle Keep your mouse inside a moving circle.
moving-items Click moving items before they disappear.
simon-says Push the buttons in the order shown.

Missing. These tasks are listed in the original paper but were missing from the OpenAI website.

ascending-numbers Click on the numbers in ascending order.
button-delay Wait a certain period of time before clicking the second button.
buy-ticket Buy a ticket that matches the requested criteria.
daily-calendar Create an event on a daily calendar.
drag-shape Drag a randomly generated shape in a specified direction.
drag-shapes-2 Drag shapes into boxes, categorized by type.
draw-circle Draw a circle around a marked point.
draw-line Draw a line through a marked point.
find-greatest Find the card with the greatest number.
form-sequence Perform a series of instructions on a form.
form-sequence-2 Perform a series of instructions on a form.
form-sequence-3 Perform a series of instructions on a form.
generate-number Generate a random number that meets certain criteria.
hot-cold Find and click on the hot area.
hover-shape Hover over the colored shape.
odd-or-even Mark each number as odd or even.
order-food Order food items from a menu.
phone-book Find a contact in a phone book.
sign-agreement Sign a user agreement.
stock-market Buy from the stock market below a specified price.