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Welcome to Chirpy Cardinal.

Our goal is to advance the state of open-domain dialogue.

We’re the award-winning Stanford NLP team for the Alexa Prize, a university competition to advance conversational AI.

We’re working with the Open Virtual Assistant Lab to bring social abilities to open-source virtual assistants.

Alexa Prize 3 (2019-2020)

In July 2020, Chirpy Cardinal won 2nd place (of 10 teams) in the finals of the Alexa Prize Grand Challenge 3.

To find out more about our bot, read our system paper, Neural Generation Meets Real People: Towards Emotionally Engaging Mixed-Initiative Conversations.

Read our paper

Alternatively, you can watch our overview presentation:


  • Forbes: Talking Machines: Who Won This Year’s Alexa Prize?
  • “This technology will be transformative in ways we can barely comprehend” - includes interviews with faculty advisor Chris Manning, team leads Ashwin Paranjape and Abigail See, and other participants.
  • Let’s Talk AI Podcast: Abi and Ashwin discuss their experience of the Alexa Prize, lessons learned, and future paths.

Alexa Prize 4 (2020-2021)

Check back for updates!