Entity Linking

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Uses a dictionary to match entity mention text to a specific entity in Wikipedia.

For instance the text Hank Williams is matched to Hank Williams.

A useful example of this would be that both the strings FDR and Franklin Delano Roosevelt are mapped to the Franklin D. Roosevelt page.

The English WikiDict contains 20948089 mappings from Strings to entities.

Property nameAnnotator class nameGenerated Annotation

Example Usage

Command Line

java edu.stanford.nlp.pipeline.StanfordCoreNLP -annotators tokenize,pos,lemma,ner,entitylink -file example.txt


Option nameTypeDescriptionDefault
entitylink.wikidictfile, classpath, or URLPath of wikidict to use.…/models/kbp/english/
entitylink.caselessbooleanIgnore case when matching (e.g. barack obama and Barack Obama will map to the same thing.false
  • There are currently dictionaries for Chinese, English, Spanish.

More information

The dictionary construction process is described in more detail in the paper A Cross-Lingual Dictionary for English Wikipedia Concepts