Annotator renaming

Original name New name
mention coref.mention
quote_attribution quote.attribution

Several annotators have been enhanced to run other annotators.

This original annotators list:


can now be expressed as:


The ner, coref, and quote annotators will run some of the annotators themselves as sub-annotators. This means for instance that the ner annotator will run a combination of CRF classifiers (adding ner tags to tokens), then the TokensRegex based regexner to produce fine-grained annotations (“LOCATION” -> “COUNTRY”), and then finally it will annotate the full entity mentions (“Joe”, “Smith” –> “Joe Smith”) with its internal entitymentions annotator.

Annotator Sub-annotators
ner regexner,entitymentions
coref coref.mention
quote quote.attribution

You can run the ner annotator without the additional annotators with these options

ner.applyFineGrained = false
ner.buildEntityMentions = false

If you wish to set parameters for the ner annotator’s internal regexner annotator set ner.fine.regexner properties. For instance:

ner.fine.regexner.mapping = edu/stanford/nlp/models/kbp/spanish/kbp_regexner_mapping_sp.tag

Likewise to set the ner annotator’s internal entitymentions annotator, set ner.entitymentions properties. For instance:

ner.entitymentions.acronyms = true

Likewise for coref annotation you can shut off the coref mention detection (if you want to use a custom coref mention annotator)

coref.useCustomMentionDetection = true

And for quote annotation, quote attribution can be deactivated with

quote.attributeQuotes = false