Model Zoo

A variety of third-party groups have created extensions for Stanford CoreNLP.

In the table below we provide access to their work. By simply adding the jar for an entry to your classpath, you can begin using the extension.

For example, if you download corenlp-swedish-1.0.0.jar and place it in your CLASSPATH, you can then run a POS tagger on Swedish.

# set up CLASSPATH to include model zoo jars
export CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:/path/to/model_zoo/*
# go to model zoo directory 
cd /path/to/model_zoo
# download file
# run swedish pos tagger
java edu.stanford.nlp.pipeline.StanfordCoreNLP -annotators tokenize,pos -pos.model edu/stanford/nlp/models/zoo/corenlp-swedish/swedish.tagger -file example-swedish-sentence.txt -outputFormat text

If you would like to contribute to the Model Zoo, contact us or issue a pull request on our GitHub!

TintItalianA complete processing pipeline for Italian, including components not available in CoreNLPFBK0.3Standalone-
Russian CoreNLPRussianPOS and Parsing for Russian. More info hereITMO University1.0.0latest code on GitHubstanford-russian-corenlp-models.jar
Swedish CoreNLPSwedishA POS model for Swedish. More info hereAndreas Klintberg1.0.0Stanford CoreNLP 3.9.2corenlp-swedish-1.0.0.jar
Danish CoreNLPDanishAn NER model for Danish. More info hereITU Copenhagen1.0.0Stanford CoreNLP 3.9.2da01.model.gz